...at last, easy to use and cost effective helpdesk software!

FireSTARTER! Helpdesk is a 32-bit Windows client-server application that starts at $995 for a five-seat licence.

Unlike most helpdesk software, you can be up and running with FireSTARTER! in a matter of minutes - its that straightforward and easy to use! No business re-engineering or consultants required!

Click on any area of the navigation bar on the left to explore the features of FireSTARTER! Helpdesk.

FireSTARTER! Helpdesk can be used in support operations where either internal or external Customers are supported. You can implement FireSTARTER! to store its data in DBF format on a fileserver or scale up to Microsoft SQL Server - the same version works in mode modes - no expensive client/server upgrade required!

Click here to download a fully working one-user evaluation copy of FireSTARTER that includes all manuals in Adobe PDF format. Full telephone support is provided free of charge during your evaluation period.

FireSTARTER! Helpdesk manages:

Call Logging  
Change Management  
Purchase Orders  
Purchase Requests  
Over 50 pre-designed Crystal Reports  
In-built OLAP DataWarehouse  
Screen designer  
Customisable data Dictionary  
Easy to use KnowledgeBase  
Asset and Resource management  
Escalation Agent  
Email Agent (Exchange, cc:Mail, Notes, SMTP/POP, pager systems)